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The Pallas Cosmos is the con-galaxy in which most writing and worldbuilding of mine is based extensively. The standard setting is the year M7.6, or year 7600AD

"Decimate in the Glory of the King / Crusade in the Light of the Stars"Edit

In the 7th millenium, the First Dominion of Earth has spread the vast might of their Kingdom to thousands of systems, the reach having only spread father with each coming millennium. With spread, however, comes resistance: External threats such as xeno species as well as internal threats of treason and heresy threaten the stability of the Kingdom each passing day. With the new guidance of newly crowned God-King Alexandrus IV, he must lead into galaxy-spanning war against these threats to defend the birthright of Mankind and rebel against the unending machine that is extinction. In this future, there is the ever-present threat of annihilation, and only by conquest may it be quelled. The hope embodied in the God-King, who shall lead the Crusade against the unending xenos, is the only savior in the sadistic void that is the galaxy. To live is to live in fear and reverence, to die is to be eviscerated at the hands of glorious combat. In the end, it matters not whether one is right or wrong: To the victors go the spoils.

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