Dominion of Earth Edit

"May the light of Earth guide us through the black of Void"
-Lord General Elias Bambach
The Dominion of Earth is is the largest spanning human state in the galaxy, and (ultimately) the final authority for Mankind in the 7th millennium. It is ultimately ruled by the Vandulim Family, the hereditary and de jure rulers of the Dominion, and are blessed with impossibly enhanced and perfected attributes. Paradoxically, despite a sizable portion of the highest-order nobles inheriting a minute degree this blessed mutation, the vast majority of mutations and evolutionary offshoots are heavily persecuted, seen as deviations from the perfection that is their ruler. These by-products, known as Demihominid, are secondary-class citizens. The Dominion, while legally allowed to be ruled by any sanctioned Royal family, has only thus far been ruled by the direct lineage of God-King Lucius Vandulim I, the founder and informal leader of the High Theism of Earth, who unified the warring factions of Earth during the Reunification of Earth and spread life to the stars nearly five thousand years ago. While the God-King and other high-tiered nobles rule nominally, it is impossible to dictate the structure of the many thousands of systems under the control of the Dominion, and thus a degree of autonomy in the form of allowing self-governance as long as the complete and utter dominance of the Dominion is recognized and any direct order or override of authority is followed without question, in addition to the recognition that the reigning God-King is the final ruler and overlord of every settlement in the galaxy. In addition, they must pay a proportional tithe to the Dominion in the form of taxes, as well as a proportionate number of soldiers drafted as well as armor produced, depending on the population and ability of the given planet.

The Dominion itself is one of the most significant entities in the sentient galaxy, in only the beginning of the height of its power. However, the dawn of intense wars has brought a sense of impending doom, and has been countered with the incredible production and shift of militaristic technology to rage against these innumerable dangers. Out of the vein of unstoppable parasites as the Cortha to the lumbering mechanical atrocities of Juno, came the Ialiv Reformation, which drastically shifted the focus to victory by domination, known as the Birthright.

Militarily, the Dominion has split the forces of its men into two primary sectors, known as the Vanguard and the Royal Infantry, led by the Mekalord-General and the Lord-General of the Dominion respectively. While the exact numbers of the forces are unknown; there is little debate that it is billions beyond measure, with millions drafting weekly, enforcing a non ending supply of manpower. Against the increasing odds of elimination at the hands of malevolent outsiders, both are necessary as the last defense of Mankind. Without the masterful guidance of the Kingdom, it is likely man would have perished long, long ago. 

History Edit

The Kingdom was founded by God-King Lucius Vandulim, also known as the "Spark of Man". Born to a Noble family in what was once central Europe, he started what is now known as the Reunification of Earth to unite the fractured houses that inhabited the Earth nearly five thousand years ago. Born with a specific genetic mutation, now known as Developed Humanity, he was gifted with massively improved physical as well as mental attributes; said to be near two meters tall, and able to speak in a godly voice. Throughout his improved lifespan, he not only was able to succeed his goal in the reunification through war as well as diplomatic measures, he brought up the Royal Seal as the symbol of the Kingdom, and sought his final command in the form of the Dictate of the Stars, the holy text of what would soon become the High Theism of Earth.

Age of Man Edit

Beginning soon after the death of Lucius I, and the beginning of the reign of Decius Vandulim I, the Age of Man begun with the explosive colonialism of the stars. Within the lifetime of Decius, the borders of the Kingdom expanded exponentially; though this was not meant for long. This expansion was stopped brutally short by the attack of the Siciliam in the Red Dawn. This war was the first truly interstellar conflict of the Kingdom, one fought to the end, and spurred the transition from the rather diplomatic entity that once was the Kingdom into the Ialiv Reformation, which brought the once-mighty Siciliam to not only their knees; but to brutal extinction by the newly found power of the Vanguard. This victory over the world of Keskola gave spirited conquest to Man, one which has never (and, likely, will never) faded.

Beginning of the Birthright Edit

After the victory over the Siciliam,